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Feel more balanced with each step

You can regain your balance like any young person.

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Falling, tripping, fracture, loss of balance – all of these problems worry us as we age. Sometimes, these issues can get fatal or cause permanent disability among the elderly. It is the numbness in the nerves of the foot that causes such accidents. If not attended to immediately, things tend to worsen. We always wonder if there is any efficient way to solve this problem when we see elderly people suffer.

As the frantic search for a possible method to get over the problem mounts, many sites have cropped up on the internet claiming to have found a solution. But as always, you need to be careful and make sure they are proven. Here we review a niche product - Neuro-balance Therapy by Chris Wilson, which claims to give you a natural and efficient way of solving the problem. Numbness, tingling, and other symptoms are the results of abnormal nerve functions leading to the malfunctioning of nerves outside the brain. Wilson addresses most of these concerns in his techniques.

What is Neuro-balance therapy?

Neuro-balance therapy is a guide and coaching video series to reinvigorate dead nerves in the foot. It is a therapy to help the nerves in your feet get reenergized and start communicating with the brain. The therapy is very straightforward and can be done at any time of the day. No special equipment is needed. A special rubber ball has been designed exclusively for the purpose of hard particles to revive the nerves back to life and prevent you from losing balance.

Neuro-balance therapy advises a 10-second activity to be done every day to keep your nerves active. It does not require you to meet a doctor, hit the gym, or use any physical therapy service. You can do the activity at your home also with the easy-to-follow instructions and can repeat them every time. You just need to roll your feet on the rubber ball for about 10 seconds when sitting in a comfortable chair. It stimulates and revives dead nerves. It is an absolutely safe and natural method.

How It Works

The therapy works on you very quickly and helps you to be on your feet again without any fear. There are a few reasons why you increase your chances of falling.

  • Overdoing exercises
  • Overuse of shoes
  • Old age

You will be getting a DVD with all the instructions needed. You just need to play it on your computer or DVD player and follow the instructions as seen in the video. This will also boost your confidence. The program comes with a spike ball to be used for the therapy. The ball contains the nerve-wake-up technology to stimulate the nerves in your feet. There are two offers to the program – 1 Neuro-balance therapy containing one DVD and one Spike ball with free bonuses costing $47, and 2 Neuro Balance therapy with 2 DVDs and 2 spike balls with free bonuses costing $77.

There are a few bonuses that come with the program:

  • Book on top 20 tips to fall-proof at home
  • A downloadable version of the therapy program

The advantage of this program is that anyone can take this therapy irrespective of their age, weight, or any other medical condition. It brings back the stability and strength to your body to feel as energetic as a young person. You will not have any fear of walking or using the stairs.

You can do this 10-second exercise every morning. The video guides you to get stability in your nerve without visiting any doctor and without any pills. Since the program is 100% natural, it is absolutely safe, and no surgeries or rehabilitation programs are needed. You will be able to notice the changes within a very short time once you start the training. Some people claim they could see the results even within 14 days. You get rid of the fear and anxiety that cause reduced vitality, and you can start walking around to enjoy life.

The program is very easy to follow and quite short. You are sure to regain the balance, strength, and stability you had earlier. You can start moving around like you were before. The cost of physiotherapy, surgery and medication are avoided when you start using this program. This program will help you recover in ways you would never have imagined you could. It is absolutely risk-free, and that is why it is considered the best program ever in the marketplace now. You need not spend any extra time doing the exercises suggested in the program. When done regularly, the movements relieve you of the tension, inflammation, and stress on your muscles and nerve endings.


  • Affordable cost
  • No need for any therapist or surgery
  • Easy activity
  • Can be done at any place
  • 60-day money-back guarantee


  • Available only on the official website

Final Verdict

The program clears many myths about falling and the hard repercussions experienced in old age. You can regain your balance like any young person. Not all remedies help get your stability back and make your life comfortable. Since the moves as shown in the DVD are very simple and basic, you will not have any difficulty in following them meticulously. You can start at any level comfortable for you. The daily ritual will help you in reducing imbalance and falling tendencies. The Neuro-balance therapy protocol has become the most sought-after program now, and the 100% safe and efficient exercises daily are highly effective.

This program is a boon for people above the age of 60 who are facing the instability problem. You can also try this program to prevent any eventuality in the days to come. With most of us living a lazy lifestyle due to the current pandemic, our bodies become less flexible with restricted movements. With no need for any special equipment or effort required, the program is highly effective. As you are offered a money-back guarantee, your money is safe. Great move by you if you have decided to buy it! I would certainly give this program a 5-star rating!

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