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Paid social media jobs

Get Paid To Mess Around On Facebook And Twitter.

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Ever since the outbreak of the pandemic, many of us are going through economic crises due to loss of jobs, inability to get new jobs, and struggling to make both ends meet with the prices of essential commodities soaring. What do we turn to in such tough times? How can you get some additional income to keep your life going with basic necessities? Yes, in such situations, you obviously want to look for a decent money-making 'side hustle' apart from whatever job you are clinging to.

These 'side hustle' jobs are usually online ones, the latest being social media management jobs. If you know the platforms enough to tweet, comment on a post on Facebook or upload a video on YouTube, you can make use of that to earn additional income. It is as easy as that. "Paying Social Media Jobs” by Annie Jones comes to your rescue if you need help getting started. It helps you convert your interactions on social media platforms into money.

What is “Paying Social Media Jobs”

Many companies have been working on how to outsource the work of converting the contacts into sales with the help of independent workers who can do the job easily. “Paying Social Media Jobs” offers training for you to become a social media manager. The book takes you by the hand guides you every step of your way. This is basically your training tool to become a professional social media manager – you will be able to work on successful campaigns to get your clients more sales. There are lots of social media jobs that are very easy to do – you just need to know what to do. The right place and the right time are what matters most.

Who is it for?

“Paying Social Media Jobs" opens up your world to businesses that are hiring many people like you to manage social media accounts which involve plenty of money. You don't need to be highly qualified with specialized skills or prior experience. You just have to spend a few hours, have a computer, internet connection, and know your way around popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and, Youtube.

What kind of Jobs will you need to do?

The jobs are usually simple ones such as replying to comments, creating likes and follows, posting on social media platforms, and similar activities. It is an interesting offer to earn through one of the social media platforms on the internet. It acts as an intermediary between you and companies who are looking to hire people. When you join the program, you will find a list of jobs to which you can apply to make money.

How it works

Once you have logged into the site, you will find a few modules:

  • Social Media Manager – it contains information on how and why you may be an ideal candidate to get into social media marketing.
  • Getting started – this module lets you know the importance of jobs and how you can find one that suits you best.
  • Finding clients – you will find instructions and guidance on how to find good prospective buyers
  • Advanced – you will learn about basic Facebook marketing strategies to attract customers.

The site helps you understand what social media management is all about and how you will fit in. You will also get to know what kind of person is suitable for the job and how relevant it is in today’s era where digital marketing is of prime importance. There are several useful tips on how to conduct yourself once you have logged in and started working. It will help you develop and perfect your skills if you start practicing the given tips from day one. The site explains the role of social media managers in the online business world. During the second session of the training program, you will start setting up your own social media accounts and start working.

Once you have your account all set up, you will find a detailed overview of how to approach future clients. Discussion on the types of companies that want to hire social media managers and the strategies to get into the right business will be of great help to you. You will also understand how to calculate the money you should receive for your services. Once you have logged in, all that you need to do is to browse the board and look for the jobs available, choose the one that piques your interest, apply, and get paid once it is completed. Sounds easy?

The price of the product is not very high but there are upsells. You are eligible for a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product or if it is not of help to you.


  • Step by step instructions to make you get used to the concept
  • Well-explained material
  • Excellent sales pitching skills taught
  • Legitimate business model to help you to find the earning potential
  • Access to a platform where authentic paid projects are available
  • 60-day money-back guarantee


  • Not much information on the sales page
  • Many feel it has limited earning potential
  • You need to know how to use the social media platforms – basic knowledge is required
  • Getting a good job is not certain – you need to try your luck

Final verdict

I rank this 4.5 Stars!

You will find plenty of information that will be useful to move forward in social media-based jobs. You will be taught how to create a good impression to win the confidence of a prospective social media management client. You will get guidance on how to change a dull resume into an interesting, impressive, and professional profile.

You get free, high-quality instructions and guidelines and how to go ahead in your job-seeking venture and convert jobs into long-term commitments. You get practical tips on how to convert your business into high-money earning jobs. The site is not something that just offers social media jobs - it is a teaching platform to guide you well in your journey. Since making money on social media is perfectly legitimate, it’s the latest hot online job. All you need to do is pick a genuine site like ‘Paying Social Media Jobs', get trained, and start applying for a suitable job. What are you waiting for? Buy the product and hop on the social media bandwagon. If you feel, it is not working out as promised, you can always claim your refund!

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