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Ancient Secrets of Kings

Live life King Size!! Is it really that easy?! People are always thinking of ways to improve their life, finance, business, physical and mental health, but are they truly successful? Even those who claim they are absolutely fine, have had to struggle and are often led into a dark jungle, from where wriggling out was a pain.

We all need a guide to lead us from the front towards achieving a happy and successful life. As someone who’s been very curious about living the right kind of life, I came across Ancient Secrets of Kings by Winter Vee in my journey of a good book on personal development. Here I give you an in-depth review of the book and what it teaches.

What are the Ancient Secrets of Kings

This is a program that helps you change your present self into someone with self-confidence. You should feel powerful and start being the best version of yourself. The Winter Vee believes that we just need to take a cue from the others who have been so. The book takes the examples of three great rulers – Khufu from Egypt, Qin Shi Huang from China, and Solomon from Israel. Three powerful Kings who were the epitome of power. As the book’s very name tells us, it talks about what these ancient Kings practiced and how you can adapt their principles to better your life.

The program helps you identify your natural talents and understand how gifted you are. Taking off from there, you can develop yourself in the best direction. The eBook comes with modules, and you must learn them individually. The information is easy to understand, and you can implement the principles in your life almost immediately.

How The Ancient Secrets of Kings Works

This digital course discloses the secrets successful people and kings used for a long time to get happiness and wealth.

The program comes in the form of an eBook and DVD, making it simple to comprehend. It starts by telling you what the ancient kings did. You can compare what you have presently with what they had and try to mend your personality. You may initially find yourself a tad uncomfortable with the changes, but you will be guided not to lose hope.

The book takes you through very inspiring life pillars. There are three key pillars that Winter Vee talks about.

The China Pillar: Here, Vee talks about the nuances of building boundaries to keep yourself from attacks or being misguided in your efforts. You will become more disciplined and shed off all procrastination tendencies. This gives you better control over how you spend your time. You will be able to stay away from unnecessary thoughts, thereby improving productivity. You will focus on staying on track while working and plan better scheduling of events. The distractions of life that break you down are kept away. You will be shown how boundaries are the first stepping stone to lay the foundation for your success.

The Egypt Pillar: Here, you will be told the secret of how to get rich and the ways to use your wealth properly. You will learn to plan how to earn the money you very much need. Organization is key. Having a positive frame of mind and keeping people with negativity at bay is very essential for achieving this. The pillar introduces you to the tools that bring abundance to your life by creating it first within you.

The Israeli Pillar: This pillar talks about achieving peace by being on good terms with your surroundings. It teaches you the importance of being cordial with one and all around you. The peace, which was what you were looking for, becomes your wealth. You need to live through hard times with patience and not hesitate to get help from somebody when you are unclear about moving ahead. You will learn to keep anger away from you. You are given tools to avoid anger and develop inner peace. Your brain learns to use the resources available to you rather than worry about what you lack. Imbibing these principles will push you towards the goals you want to achieve.

The program aims at reducing negativity that will pull you down. Negative thoughts greatly influence all your actions, so when you tune your mind to performing tasks in a totally different way, your life also changes significantly. Your outlook changes entirely, and you look for other means to get over hardships. It teaches you to plan to be a unique person with changes that others cannot quickly achieve. You will need to list out what your accomplishments should be and plan accordingly. You would have learned to be productive with your time and effort.

As a bonus to your order, there are some audio programs for self-improvement, which include:

  • Million Dollar Mind
  • The Success Advantage
  • Credit Score Secrets
  • Personal Reflections Guide
  • Being a Winner Subliminal Music
  • Achieve Peak Performance Subliminal Music
  • Reach Your Goals Subliminal Music


  • Rapid results yielding increased income, success in business, and better relationships
  • Program is straightforward to understand without any boredom or confusion.
  • You do not have to learn multiple things at the same time.
  • Developed by a successful entrepreneur
  • Positive thoughts start developing to overcome tougher situations
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Well organized information
  • Though the secrets are not new, the information provided by Winter Vee is new.
  • The content is well explained with targeted examples.
  • It helps in achieving a powerful mindset like that of a winner.


  • Some feel that the program is a tad expensive.
  • Available only in digital format
  • Success does not come as quickly as people want it to

Final verdict

The program helps you gain complete power of your life with the secrets used by the three wise rulers. Not only do you get access to secrets of success but also detailed instructions on using them to change your life into one of your dreams. This program is quite simple and effective, and so if you are one of those who want growth and prosperity in life, this product will be worth the amount you pay. You are assured of the safety of your money as the program comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

This is as good a personal development program as any. Like with all such programs, you are only as successful as well as you are able to implement it in your life. Changing your way of thinking is not easy, but if you decide to work with this program, I’m sure you will be satisfied!

Ancient Secrets of Kings

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