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Yeast Infection No more Bonus

The human body is easy prey for various kinds of fungus. While some are easily cured, many require intensive treatment with long durations. One such fungus is yeast, particularly common amongst women. It can have a very depressing impact on you. With a conducive environment, yeast can quickly grow out of control and become exceedingly difficult to treat. People even resort to steroids and antibiotics, and yet a permanent cure seems difficult. Yeast Infection No More by Linda Allen is a natural treatment remedy ebook. Let’s take a detailed look at the product here.

What is Yeast Infection No More

This is a system developed by Linda Allen with almost all the information there is on the topic and methods to naturally treat yeast infection.

With easy-to-follow steps, the methods, and the remedies suggested in the book, along with details of symptoms and causes, you will understand how you can get rid of the infection quickly. A holistic plan is included in the book to treat the condition.

The book appears to be a very handy guide to heal and remove yeast infections naturally. It also claims to have been tested many times on humans. Several success stories are included here. The causes, remedies, and symptoms are given in detail in the book. What impressed me You can also get free counseling for three months from the author.

How Yeast Infection No More works

The book suggests a scientific formula to strengthen your immune system to fight off the infection by natural means. You get step-by-step answers to all your questions for a permanent cure. The system shows five key steps that need to be followed meticulously for treating the infection.

The first chapter introduces the author and explains what the book is all about. It then discusses the benefits of holistic treatment and its advantages along with the causes and discomfort that comes with the infection and how not many have found a permanent cure using conventional methods. Only that part of the body affected by the condition is cured by traditional medicine. It does not focus on how it would have impacted the whole body. The holistic methods suggested by the book analyze the cause of the infection and offer treatment to remove the infection from its root from the whole body.

A whole section is dedicated to how the infection infects any part of the body and its variable symptoms. The author suggests you monitor the symptoms and signs. Once you have answered the questionnaire, you will have an idea if the infection is affecting a particular part or the whole body. She also advises that you talk to a doctor to get a diagnosis as other symptoms are similar to yeast infection.

The book shows you how to get rid of symptoms within a day when you start applying natural remedies for a permanent solution. It gives details of products such as honey, yogurt, garlic, tea tree oil, and many more to cure yeast infection.

The book offers a mini-program for you to get rid of your suffering with a protocol that suggests using natural ingredients, coconut oil, and vitamins, a detox diet, alternating these processes at regular intervals, using probiotic supplements once the infection starts receding, exercises, regular sleep pattern, and reducing stress levels, along with maintaining personal hygiene.

I liked the fact that the book goes deep into details of yeast infection and explains all that you should know about the condition, treatment, and prevention.

What Yeast Infection No More teaches you

  • List of foods you should eat and the ones that need to be avoided
  • A simple treatment for 12 hours that cures all the infection in your body
  • A secret tool to fight the infection
  • Instructions on how to safeguard your body from the infection
  • Medicines to cure the infection and when to take them
  • Details on what the infection actually is and how you can identify it in your body
  • A few over-the-counter medicines that you can use for the infection
  • List of supplements to improve the immune system to avoid the infection
  • How to detoxify the body
  • Method to check how severe the infection in you is
  • Breathing technique to fight the infection
  • How to stop the infection from recurring
  • Method to check the environment to control the infection
  • Methods to improve digestive health and prevent food allergies.
  • Suggestions to overcome migraines, fatigue, mood swings, and depression
  • How to increase the energy levels, mental focus, any joint pain, and remove any scars caused by the infection.

When you buy the book, you get free bonus books such as The Complete Handbook of Nature’s Cures, How and When to Be Your Own Doctor, The Healing of Water, Free Lifetime Updates, and Free one-on-one counseling sessions with the author for three months.


  • The book has no confusing or complicated methods nor uses rare items for treatment.
  • Straightforward guidelines – easy for all to follow
  • Complete details on the infection and how it can affect your whole body
  • Teaches you how to follow exercises, diet, and sleep and the importance of controlling stress
  • Many people have found the program to be very effective.
  • Satisfying customer support
  • Three months counseling from the author of the book, which may not be available in other programs
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • When you download the book, you will get three months of free access and a one-time personal conversation with the author.


  • People may get worried as the book discusses in detail some extreme infection conditions.
  • Some parts of the book may be repetitive.
  • You need to follow the instructions with total commitment, failing which you may not get desired results.

Final verdict

The eBook contains excellent content presented in a simple way for a long-term cure. This has been termed as a comprehensive guide to rid yourself of yeast infection quickly by natural and safe methods.

If you follow the instructions, take the medicines, and stick to the diet suggested by the author meticulously, you will hopefully be completely cured of the infection, pain, and tension associated with it. You can give it a try as your money is safe and refundable in case you are not happy with the results. It’s surely worth a try!

Yeast Infection No more Bonus


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